Scorpio rising first decanate dating type

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Scorpio rising first decanate dating type

The earliest records of decans have been found inside coffin lids dating from the Tenth Egyptian Dynasty around 2100 B. Decans are also mentioned in the Babylonian Enuma Anu Enil, which dates approximately four centuries later.

The root of the word "decante" is Greek in origin and means "ten days apart."The planetary influences described under the decans are valuable in "shading" the traits of many individuals, but are generally subordinate to the stronger characteristics associated with the primary Zodiac Sign.

The youthful appearance of First Decan subjects can be a definite asset and may well keep acquaintances guessing as to how old this native truly might be.

Many who fall under the jurisdiction of this Decan are left-handed or even ambidextrous.

In order to give fuller interpretation to the Zodiac Signs, ancient astrologers subdivided each Sign into periods of approximately ten days.

These divisions are known as the "decans" or "decantes" and cover modifications of individual traits, attributed to minor planetary influences, which temper or blend with the ruling influence of the period.

Thus, these natives need to be particularly careful in the selection of companions and associates..the choice of a life partners is, of course, of the utmost importance.They may be artistic or musically gifted and, if so, such talents will need to be expressed.Something of a "closet romantic," these natives yearn for lasting love and have a good chance of finding it, assuming that the inherent fears associated with this Decan can be put aside.These natives want to be wanted, not needed, and nervous tension can frequently be a problem.The influence of Venus (one of the secondary planets governing this Decan) is at its strongest during the first five days and individuals born during this time period will find that their versatile Gemini natures are apt to become lacking in purpose. Such people find sympathetic listeners for all their ideas and are prone to spend their time in planning schemes that usually have little if any success.

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