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“Almost every tech company is dealing with this in one way or another,” said Renee Lafair, regional director of Austin’s chapter of the Anti-Defamation League.

The ADL has a lot of experience helping tech companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter look at their terms of service.

Oren Bracha, a law professor at UT Austin who focuses on free speech and digital technology, said he isn’t worried about smaller companies like Bumble, but when big platforms like Facebook and Google restrict speech it can be a problem.

After Charlottesville, several other online companies began looking at ways to prevent hate groups from using their platforms to harass or mobilize.

It’s all done under the hood, behind a veil of secrecy that those companies closely guard, and indeed that secrecy is enabled by law.” Bracha said that in effect, lawyers for Google and Facebook have more power over speech in our society than does the Supreme Court and that’s something worth talking about. “Free speech is one of the cornerstones of our democracy,” she said.

“And that’s something that you want to treat with utmost care.

It also urged users to “block and report” people who use hate speech.

El-Effendi said making users feel safe on Bumble was already part of the company’s DNA, so this decision was a no-brainer.

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