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Iraq sexy vidoe chad

The Internet – the bestower of all labels – recently dubbed Linn the “World’s Sexiest Nurse.” Linn has amassed more than 220,000 Instagram followers since Stomp, one of Asia’s leading citizen journalism websites, published the nurse-turned-amateur model in a recent edition. K.’s Sun also has profiled the nursing professional, who says she simply enjoys snapping racy photos.

She called her detractors “jealous” in a recent social media post in which she’s wearing nursing scrubs.

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It’s fair to say Australia hasn’t always nailed it when it comes to tourism videos. We’ve got a country that a) looks sweet on film, b) has a lot of character and c) includes just about every type of landscape known to David Attenborough. Apparently though, there’s a little more to making a winning tourism video than that.

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If it were up to us (and it should be) we’d just walk into Kakadu, point a camera at stuff and chuck on some Midnight Oil as a soundtrack. Here in all their questionable glory are some of Australia’s most infamous tourism videos. Tourism Australia isn’t afraid to call in some serious A-List Hollywood muscle for its videos, and the latest is no exception.

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