How long between dating and wedding

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Stag Do’s are not what they used to be, and not in a bad way!The way we celebrate a groom’s last night of freedom has changed dramatically but this has also lead to certain questions around what is the done thing.Stag would then take place a week before, assuming the wedding was on a weekend.

I don’t this it is ground-breaking advice to mention that a winter night in Krakow is not where the party is at.Whether you decide on the UK or abroad they both have valid reasoning but as we have shown they will affect when you can have you stag party.We suggest you build and plan what you want to do first and then see when the timing of it can happen.Another element which could influence when to have your stag is which activity you decide.If you are with an active group who want to go outdoors then when you go to the hub of extreme stags like Snowdonia you will want to go in the summer months no matter when the wedding is, as you don’t want to be climbing and biking in torrential rain.

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In much of Europe the name of a stag do is the Burying of Youth which has much less relationship connotations.

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