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They hadn't spoken before the arranged marriage, and she blushed serving him tea, she recalled, dreaming of a loving household filled with happy children. He started beating her, she said, blaming her for not having a boy.

Instructors say Afghan policemen in particular are often at the center of a cultural tug-of-war between their personal and religious beliefs and their duties as law enforcers."When they ask me 'what should we do', (I say) of course you should comply to your beliefs but remember you wear a uniform, so you are not representative simply of society, you are a representative of the government and you are there to enforce the law," Baldry said.Jamshid, who like many Afghans goes by just one name, is a 21-year-old cadet from Logar province.On paper, Pakistani family law is among the more progressive in the Islamic world, although there's still no statute on domestic violence.But corruption, weak implementation, patriarchal thinking and legal gaps often leave men holding all the cards.

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"There's a lot of domestic violence in Afghanistan ...