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Dating customs dominican republic

Stating opinions or ideas contrary to others’ beliefs may offend them and considerably damage the relationship. However, if you are speaking favourably about the other person’s political or religious affiliation you will not encounter any problems.

Since it is difficult to know what people are thinking, it is best to avoid these two topics.

Holding hands with a partner is acceptable, and very common, but beyond that, loving emotions are to be kept at home.

Drinking and playing dominoes are favourite past-times; so don’t be shocked to hear a brawl or two over a poorly played hand or something.

As if their nose were itchy, they wrinkle it to let you know they didn’t understand or hear you.

Public displays of affection are common and widely accepted.

Dominican ladies tend to wear pantsuits, some wear skirts.

Dominicans are very warm people, and greet friends and acquaintances with a kiss on the right cheek. In larger groups, an extended hand will suffice as a greeting, but don’t be surprised if a female makes her way around a group greeting each one with a kiss on the cheek. If you have asked someone a question, and they didn’t understand you, or if they want to say "what?

Upon entering a store, public transport, waiting rooms, offices, classroom, clinics, pretty much anywhere, it is customary to greet the room with a greeting—Good morning, Good afternoon. ", they wouldn’t necessarily respond vocally and may respond with a nose wrinkle.

In fact, unless there are pre-existing ties of friendship superiors are addressed using the formal mode of address ("Usted").

In the Dominican Republic, people place a lot of importance on punctuality and productivity in the workplace.

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In fact, they take pride in how old they are and will tell you they feel that they look great for their age, so ask away!

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