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I spent a couple of hours quietly strolling down from the Victoria and Albert statues down George Street to Circular Quay.

And now where was that better demonstrated when we arrived at our hotel which was awash with both the Pakastani and Irish teams and their supporters, and with the delightful WAGS of the Irish team holding court with copious glasses of bubbles. Both teams were very relaxed, mixing easily and posing for photos with supporters – no air of special treatment or tension around them at all.

After a long day, he helped himself to one of those over-priced small bottles of wine that you find in a minibar.

Knocking back the first mouthful he discovered, to his horror, that some scurrilous former guest had drunk the wine and substituted it with water to avoid payment.

But you know what it’s like at the end of a holiday; when you’re going home, you just want to BE at home, this minute, without the inconvenience of travelling. Ireland may be out of the World Cup but, my word, the other countries could learn a thing or two from them.

For sheer passion and enjoyment of the game and representing their country, they (and their supporters) would be hard to beat.

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