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All this talk about NSA or CIA ability to listen to your phone or you via your TV looks like grossly exaggerated threat.

Collection of just headers which can be done automatically and "for the duration of your life" provides much more revealing information.

As long as access to such data is extremely cheap, as is the case with both Android and Apple smartphones, it will be abused by the government and some activities will be done without any court orders.

In other words if technical means of snooping are cheap they will be abused.

There was something fishy here including the purchase of Hotmail by Microsoft.

The problem is that if your emails are being stored "in the cloud" each single email is exposed as if it permanently "in transit".

IMHO First of all you deprive yourself from the possibility to learn strong and weak point of different search engines.

The second Google stores all searches, possibly indefinitely, so you potentially expose yourself to a larger extent by using a single provider.

) is the place over which you've absolutely no control (and as such ) . The ability to listen to your phone calls in most cases is immaterial.

You can direct all emails from you subscriptions on newspapers, sites and magazines to it.

You real account should via one of small ISP on your own domain and possibly using special DNS server.

But we now need to understand that Yahoo, Microsoft and Google are no different.

But from the other point of view, Fecebook skillfully promoted this "", and they got what they deserve. In a current NSA-inspired debate about the moral consequences of digital technologies, it is important to realize the danger of seamless integration of services under Google (especially within Android) as well as other Internet Oligopolies (I doubt that Microsoft with its Windows 10 is much better).

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As we have all found out, that trust is misplaced, as "cloud" services were systematically abused.