Amat eur cam to cam finder

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Amat eur cam to cam finder

Some film cameras will work with your current lenses.Some will hold their value like the works of art that they are.When you pick up a Leica, you can tell it’s built to last.The R-models are built around all-metal bodies and the aluminum die-cast construction is clearly evident.In the mid ‘90’s Tamron acquired Bronica, bringing the optics company into the medium format arena.

We looked at several sources for used equipment including, Ebay and Craigslist.There are plenty of other great camera bodies out there hungry for film.This is simply a sampling of some bodies that may work best for someone just getting into film.This manual focus camera has an FD mount, so if you have any older Canon lenses around, you’re golden.Sample prices: Starting from (body only in excellent condition but with a cracked battery door) on up for body and lenses Ebay: If you look, you can probably get one for with a lens Craigslist: 0 for a full kit—camera body, several Canon lenses and flash A funky looking medium format camera that’s relatively small and light—great for travel or hiking into the field—but will get you some of those sweet 120/220 negatives.

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