3 days free triels no credit card sex chat webs

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3 days free triels no credit card sex chat webs

YOU CANNOT USE THE PLATFORM OR OUR SERVICE IF YOU ARE NOT AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE AND/OR THE AGE OF MAJORITY AND LEGAL CONSENT IN THE JURISDICTION IN WHICH YOU LIVE OR RESIDE AND HAVE THE LEGAL CAPACITY TO ENTER INTO THESE TERMS.YOU ALSO MAY NOT USE THE PLATFORM OR OUR SERVICE IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A SEXUAL OFFENSE, ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER AS A SEX OFFENDER WITH ANY GOVERNMENTAL ENTITY OR AGENCY OR ARE CURRENTLY CHARGED WITH AN OFFENSE OF A SEXUAL NATURE.The actual photos are fakes (Check Google Photo ID). I tried to cancel the repeat subscription but they just ignored my requests and took the money anayway. I have written several emails requesting refunds but they just ignore.The idea is to get your credit card information for subscriptions that are very hard to terminate. Horrible crooks and a breeding ground for the sex industry and gullible lonelies I wrote to the company asking them to answer my question and they didn't.You get messages even if your profile is empty or you do not have not published any photos. I subscribed for a 3-day trial and I found myself charged for some features "I have just clicked" (as I was told)... but most of all the site is just useless as the only contacts you can make are with more or less professional prostitutes.


I used to be able to use my debit card but now it won't allow me to because they want me to use a credit card because its harder to cancel the repeat billing.

I did meet someone when it was under a different name, and we did have a great time, don't waste time with the trial period cos it takes 3 days for them to cancel thus putting you on a new monthly subscription.

The messages are clearly created and sent out to everyone and are not legitimate.

I am guy and I didn't insert any data other than my name, age and city. All of a sudden I started getting messages from people who want to talk to me.

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But yeah, you can check it out and run a search in your area to see what your prospects are & go from there. I have been on and off Be Naughty for over one year and as a matter of facts yu can actually meet real women. Sure there are sites with a better male-female-ratio such as Vanessa69 and a few other hook up sites but generally speaking Be Naugty is one of the better sites. YOU CANNOT EVEN REMOVE YOUR ACCOUNT once you're in using the "remove account" link under your profile's settings.

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